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2006 Hyundai Sonata – Review

When it comes to value priced new cars nobody does it better than the Koreans. Kia and in this case Hyundai you’re looking at the all new 2006 Sonata sedan, a car that should continue to eat away at Toyota and Honda sales numbers. Though it competes in the most arduous car class the mid size group. The sonata is big enough to garner a large car rating from the EPA .I remember seeing this car for the first time at the 5 New York Auto Show and thinking. How the competition is got to be shaking in their boots it was obvious from first sight that Hyundai has set its sights as high as ever before we’re talking Camry and accord territory here while the previous Sonata was attractive mainly for its low sticker price.

2006 Hyundai SonataThis new sonata is bringing the goods along with the friendly MSRP this week I have the sonata GLS with the V6. The 4 cylinder is standard on the base GL while the V6 is an option on the GLS and standard on the luxurious LX tram. All cars are front wheel drive with 4 wheel independent suspension standard electronic stability control and traction control 4 wheel a BS, and side curtain airbags and with the V6 you’ll get a 5 speed automatic transmission, with shift tronic clutchless shifting, a unique attributes in this class. A long list of standard features a something we’ve come to expect from Hyundai recently but what makes this sonata a class above any Hyundai before it is its level of refinement quality feel an outstanding execution. HID Headlights more info, and led fog lights. It’s as if the sonata is Hyundai’s mainstream coming out party they can now be lumped in with the cameras in the courts without any excuses.

As a matter of fact I like the way the sonata goes about its business so much I would choose it over the Camry and would have to flip a coin or $5000 worth of them in this case. Between it and the accord the new 3.3 liter V6 in the sonata is seriously strong listen to hundreds. Of course power in the quick step off the line with 226 pound feet of torque gas mileage falls between 20 and 30 miles per gallon overall space is excellent and the sonata sports dual exhausts an eye catching design also the price for this GLS V6 is a very low $20895 and it comes with the longest warranty of 10 years or 100000 miles in the powertrain. If there’s 10 shocks. It’s that Hyundai hasn’t gotten into the GPS navigation game yet you can’t get one on any Hyundai model but families looking for a reasonably priced well equipped quality sedan can rejoice there’s now a car that’s much cheaper than the competition with no cheap car stigma attached. The new Hyundai sonata suddenly in a court costs a lot less than it used to. For Dr timeline car TV I’m Steve Harris.