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The mat in the trunk of the car: how to choose?

The trunk of the car often takes on the hardest and dirtiest burden of which may be left unwanted stains, dust and stains: spilled oil from leaking bottles, dirty shovel, coal and grill for outdoor recreation. What has the trunk just seen! It is logical to protect the coating from the various types of pollution – namely, the use of car mat.

mat car

All benefits can be attributed only to the quality representatives of this type: some mats are easily torn or broken (depending on the material), and therefore to the question of the choice should be taken responsibly.

But more on that later, but for now about the main advantages of floor mats in the trunk:

  • easy to install
  • excellent protection of the trunk from moisture and water
  • protection from contamination
  • possessing of anti-slip properties
  • reliable fixation
  • ¬†ease of cleaning

Trunk mats can be made of different materials: rubber, plastic, polyurethane or textile.

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