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Honda Accord 99 Headlight bulb remove and install

You guys today I will be showing you how to change under her lead Bob and you can see my driver’s side headlights bulbs very burnt. And my passenger says only one that’s working. Today I will be replacing both of them anyways because over time. They tend to heat up and the filament says burn out and that’s when you need to replace it so. Save the hassle and slowly placed both. So first you want to move. The battery for the driver’s side Honda headlight both. If you haven’t done so you can watch my article on the left side on how to move the very. So that was you remove the better you have access to.

Honda Accord 99 HeadlightThe Honda headlight bulb on the driver’s side. So once you remove the battery is gonna be revealed where you had left Bob is that. Somehow this is too tight when you lose him and then but it’s very WD 40 and OO loosen up on the part of the and. So make sure you turn to the left. The. I noticed out. It’s held on by this February’s go ahead and press the bottom clip. And then he’s going for. Still. Yes it does. Then you pull out. This is a. It should be for you 9006. So make sure when you’re placing the ball that’s 9006 where the headlight.

The 9005 is for the high being and this food low beam so make sure you get the right one. So here I got my 9006. Cool blue had Lebo make sure don’t touch. The glass part because if it’s if you getting dirt oil or anything like that. No once again hot. It’s going to burn up and then it’s gonna. Though the life of the 99 honda accord headlights. Make sure you wear gloves as well. So make sure don’t touch it with your finger because. A finger are usually have. Oil and then so. So make sure. Let him put the label that first. Right it’s in. Snap in place. For you do. In the war started and then. Then or you know fell. So you get in. That’s it. And you want to put your battery back. And the site change the headlight for the driver side knowing then do the passenger side.

So I’m gonna replace this passenger side and I’m over here. I try to you know but it was live a tight somebody’s WD 40. Spy on the side of the. You have low bone so it. No loose enough for me. Then now I’m listening. Titan. Still try. I. Smith stressing more. The. There you go. I. Men’s loosen. Better. Click for the. The connector. The. Think. If. Wipe away any W. D. food here so. But again to housing. Same as the other one it’s a 9006 coolblue headlamp over here. In. Turn it. Sure it’s. Connective right way. Stepping back into. And that is how you change your headlight bow for the past year side in the driver’s side headlight was yeah both the Honda headlight Boba place voice should look like both had let working. And that’s it.