The kinds of alloy wheels

There are different kinds of car wheels: steel, forged, alloy and composite. They not only add the style and accuracy to the car’s appearance, but also affect its dynamic and drive-ability.

The alloy (or light-alloy) wheels are molded in special forms. They are made of aluminum or magnesium. The first material is the most resistant to corrosion and moisture, which is a definite advantage. Magnesium and aluminum wheels are durable and easy.

alloy wheels

The disadvantage of such wheels is their inability to bend. They tend to split. For example, if you get to the open hatch, the alloy wheels won’t be repairable — you’ll have to buy the new ones.

Other features of the alloy wheels are:

  • fuel economy (due to the small weight);
  • ability to self-cleaning from the foreign substances;
  • provision of the low rotation inertia, and therefore better driving and braking.